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Corrick, Georgia g.corrick at
Wed Nov 7 03:13:43 EST 2001

Yes, of course it's a DWJ list and that's our primary purpose - I just felt
that maybe it would add value to our discussions of DWJ books to look at how
other people write. If we only look in detail at DWJ I feel we might lack a
context which might ultimately mean we found it difficult to say much about
her. Also, like you and (I assume) like most of us I've read most of DWJ's
books, and I would find it interesting to be reading with the rest of the
group books that I don't know, or don't know well. And of course we would
still have discussions that weren't about specific books, in the same way we
do now, so we wouldn't be down to discussing DWJ only half the time.


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