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Corrick, Georgia g.corrick at
Tue Nov 6 03:46:29 EST 2001

So are all the copies of Hexwood going to disappear from library and
bookshelf shops this week? Fortunate there've been so many DWJ reprinted
recently - I think there was a copy of Hexwood last time I checked in
W'stones, but it won't be there much longer (I've never had a copy of this
one and don't think I've ever seen it 2nd hand).

Jennifer (Rowlands) - thanks for your comments in reply to mine about
libraries. If you don't object, I might contact you off-list in the next
couple of weeks, as in trying to get to grips with my current job it wd be
really useful to talk to someone with expertise in e-library technology.
Hope this is ok, but ignore me if you're too busy to reply.


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