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Jennifer Forsyth jforsyth at
Mon Nov 5 17:06:00 EST 2001

Okay. I'm up for Hexwood, too, only I'll need a few days for the public library
system to get it to my branch. Other people may be in the same bind, needing
some time to get a copy, so I'd suggest that we not start for a week or so.
Should we read the whole thing and discuss it in its entirety, or do it in a
few chunks over some span of time? That will make a difference in how soon we
can start. (If anybody needs more time, please speak up!) I like the BD:
protocol. What else do we need to know before we start? I was hoping that
probing questions would come up in the course of discussion, as it seems they
usually do on this list, but if somebody wants to give us a few starters,
that's good, too. Are you volunteering, Robyn? :-)

Jennifer Forsyth

Robyn Starkey wrote:

> I vote for Hexwood, what an excellent choice. Could I suggest that we adopt
> a protocol common in other lists, which is to make sure that the subject
> line of these messages clearly indicates book discussion ("BD:" is a simple
> abbreviation) so that if people want to filter these messages they can.
> Does someone want to volunteer to kick the discussion along by asking
> probing questions? Sometimes this is not necessary, but it often helps to
> get things going.
> Robyn
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