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> The first example of the genre that I actually put to paper as a story was
>  probably a fantasy called "twin trees", in which the hero found that 
>  between a pair of identical trees took him to another world.  I suppose I 
> was
>  about 8.  I wish I still had this one.

I had a very similar fantasy, never written down, in which if you ran between 
three pairs of trees in our local park (which were all sort of in a row, and 
it was downhill, so an exciting run, especially since I think you were 
supposed to do it with your eyes shut), you could really get to Narnia (or 
maybe it was Oz -- depends how old I was when I came up with this idea, as I 
read most of the Oz books before most of the Narnia books). I finally decided 
that it wouldn't work because the pairs of trees didn't match well enough.

Helen Schinske
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