The Truth shall make ye Fret

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Sun Nov 4 13:52:45 EST 2001

I've just read Pratchett's latest paperback, The Truth. It's really 
good! I don't think I've enjoyed a Pratchett so much since Small 
Gods. I particularly liked the incomprehensible cries of the 
newspaper vendors. It took me about five years to decode the 
shout of the Sheffield sellers -- "City Late" which comes out as 
"I - Y - A" . The villains are becoming more and more surreal, Mr 
Pin and Mr Whatsisface (I've forgotten his name and lent the book 
to a friend already) are frankly bizarre, the latter will stick anything 
up his nose and has interesting views on art, the former is 
extremely creepy. As to the theme -- there's a lot to be said on the 
subject of truth and Pratchett covers a lot of it.

The truth will make ye fret

Terry Pratchett, The Truth.
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