Corrick, Georgia g.corrick at southampton.gov.uk
Mon Nov 5 12:28:21 EST 2001

I thought there were lots of technologically trained librarians? There
certainly seem to be a lot of sites called things like "Library Geek"
(http://librarygeek.blogspot.com/) out there, and very interesting they are
too. I wd imagine that workplace libraries are feeling the effect of
electronic publications much more than public libraries (don't know where
university/school libraries would fall along this line) - the work library I
am currently trying to sort holds about half government publications and
half real books, and most people go straight to the internet versions of the
government publications & print out another copy when they want it, rather
than booking out the library's copy. In that sort of situation it's hard to
see that management who notice this are wrong in believing that librarians'
roles are changing, though of course if it's just an excuse for cost-cutting
wch results in losing skilled people that's lamentable.

I read a Best Value Review of the public library service in Southampton
recently - I was shocked to find that the average salary of the city library
workers is about £9,000 a year. (I can't now find the report to find the
exact figure as the city website is a mess.) The main points the review made
about staff were:

1. Staffing resources stretched by vacancy management leading to staff
performing duties below that for which they are paid   
2. Staff increasingly required to provide services for which they have been
inadequately trained.  

a weird situation in wch you get too many people acting up and too many
acting down.

Do we have any librarians on the list who cd comment more authoritatively
about whether/how their roles are changing?


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