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Mon Nov 5 06:47:48 EST 2001

Apologies for cross-posting, but I know there are people on both lists who will
be equally horrified by this.  It comes from the minutes of a staff/management
forum meeting at work; proper names have been deleted...


  Dr ****** informed members that he was concerned to learn of plans to move the
  librarians  away  from  the library area and was anxious to know if this would
  affect the services that were currently provided by the library.

  Replying,  Mr  ********  said that the introduction of IT had seen a move away
  from  paper  documents  e.g. customers requiring electronic copies of reports,
  reference  information  being  made  available electronically.  As a result of
  this,  the  librarians?  traditional  role  of ?guardians of the books? was in
  decline.   The  changing  role of the librarian had been recognised by library
  staff  who  were keen to contribute to future developments.  The format of the
  library service would be included in the ?Getting into shape? process.


I  can't  of  course  speak  for  management,  but it looks like we'll be losing
anybody  who  can  be  described  as  a  real  librarian, and having our library
functions  carried  out  by our computing support people, or something.  Can you
imagine...?   I spoke to one of our librarians this morning, and needless to say
they  are  not  happy!   I've  submitted  a  complaint  through  one  of the new
electronic bully-tin boards, but I don't think it will have much effect.

(In  case  you were wondering, management are taking pains to assure us that the
"getting into shape" initiative is not just about job cuts...)



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