speaking of conversation starters...

Jennifer Forsyth jforsyth at equinox.unr.edu
Thu Nov 1 16:31:09 EST 2001

This may be out of place for me to suggest, but on some other literature
lists (none of which I currently still belong to, so I don't know how
much of recommendation this is) they've had a kind of group reading
where everyone agrees to read (or usually re-read) the same work at the
same time so they have something in common to discuss. Then, if you
don't have access to a certain book which is being discussed, at least
you have the reassurance that the discussion will soon be turning to a
book to which you do have access. I know this sounds not very
spontaneous, which is something I love about this list -- that it is so
spontaneous, I mean, of course -- but I thought I'd toss it out there
since others are looking for ideas to get things rolling more again.

Jennifer Forsyth

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