Gaiman's American Gods

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Nov 1 14:21:52 EST 2001


>  > She is being examined, among other things, on her ability to make
>>  comparisons between prominant characters in Literature on this day
>>  next week,
>Did that turn out all right?
>I keep forgetting to ask.

Thank you for asking!  Unfortunately we won't have results until 
around the New Year - I think the Open University is unusually cruel 
to students in that regard.  However, I got to the exam, understood 
all the questions, and didn't forget everything I'd learned under the 
pressure, so it could have been worse.

It must be said that I DO realise that a lot of you do university 
exams pretty regularly, so I'm open to an accusation of having made 
an almighty fuss about a commonplace evil.  Still, in my own defense, 
I have to say that probably nobody here has done exams after such a 
painfully long break.  And, (really going out on a limb here), I 
would confidently bet that *none* of you had to go off to take such 
an exam an hour after receiving a phone call from your daughter to 
say that there was an anthrax scare at school. :)  As the 
arrangements for the kids to get together and get home had been quite 
hair-raising already, (not to mention the stress of the exam itself) 
this almost caused my complete melt-down!


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