Prepositions (was writing on the walls, and before thatsomething else.)

Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Tue May 29 13:51:20 EDT 2001

Rebecca said...

> By the way, very impressive Dorian, I can't get that many prepositions
> one sentence, much less in a row (and no, I don't even want to try.)

I would love to take the credit for that wee poem, but I can't.  I did find
the attribution; it's called "The Naughty Preposition" and it was written by
a guy called Morris Bishop.

Be scared; a friend on my writer's list came up with an even longer list of
trailing prepositions:

> The complaint from the child who was pouting in the upstairs bedroom,
> upset at his mother's choice of an Australian bedtime story.
> "Mommy, what did you bring that book you know I don't like to be
> read to from out of about "Down Under" up for?"

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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