Children's lit thesis?

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|> Your dissertation sounds like a blast.  <Alexandra turning faintly green
|> with envy> What lovely place of study let you do this?  (I'm asking this
|> from more than idle curiosity.  I'm currently trying to find a good
|> university to do a Masters in Children's Lit at.  There, prepositions :)

I did mine at Simmons, in Boston Massachusetts.  It is a great
but small program.  In Canada, where I assume you are, Lissa Paul
is on the Education faculty at the University of New Brunswick,
and Perry Nodleman is at the University of Winnipeg.  There are
other notables scattered over Canada, but those are the only two
I know off-hand.

To the best of my knowledge, Simmons is the only U.S. program
that isn't part of a library science or an education program.

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