The Writing's on the Walls (Was: Re: On the subject ofWickedWomen)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Mon May 28 04:04:57 EDT 2001


>I don't know about 'Tam Lin', but in the Wimsey books it was done
>because the well-brought-up Oxford graduate in those days really did
>talk that way in real life. Sayers' readers wouldn't have found it
>intimidating, because most of them probably did the same. :)
>Speaking for myself, I've never found it intimidating (when Wimsey
>does it, anyway; haven't read 'Tam Lin') -- only slightly annoying in
>'Busman's Honeymoon', because I had to read with an open French
>dictionary at my elbow in order not to miss anything important.

Did I fabricate a memory of someone saying there was an Annotated 
Wimsey/Sayers book?  I looked but couldn't seem to find any such 


>I wanted to add my two pennorth but had gotten behind on my
>replies. So I'll just say that I only got seven of the quotes, including
>all but one  Connie Willis and I just cannot believe Jane Austen
>ever wrote anything so interesting.

:)  *Which* book of JA's did you read, Ven???  Or is this bringing us 
back to the stupid teacher thread(s)?


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