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> except the ubiquitous "My kid never read anything until he
>  read Harry Potter and now I've just bought him his fourth copy of
>  _Philosopher's Stone_ because he read the first until it fell apart, 
>  the second into the bathtub and kept reading it underwater until it
>  dissolved, and loaned the third to a friend who got so involved that she
>  stole it and is now refusing to admit she ever borrowed it and has taken to
>  answering the phone with a false name in case it's my kid wanting the book
>  back" which is, of course, a very common story nowadays)

This is a GREAT list of reasons to get another copy!  I just got duplicates 
of Dick Francis' Forfeit and the newly reprinted Murder at The War (one 
fallingapart-old-British-pb, and the other just disappeared....) 

Devra Langsam
devra at aol.com
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