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Fri May 25 19:35:14 EDT 2001

Nat said
> >Kankredin?
> I think of Kankredin (SPELLCOATS) as being more of a cross between 
> Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, and Alesair Crowley. One of 
> Joneses' creepiest characters. Can't think of a politician of the 
> modern age who could match him. Maybe the late East German leader, 
> wossisname... I can't remember. Or Idi Amin or Laurent Kabila. Large, 
> ruthless, and misshapen from years of evildoing. James Bond's nemesis 
> Ernst Blofeld (in the later movies).

Good point. I think Kankredin is such a baggy monster he'd fit any 
number of monstrous dictators.

> What's peoples' vote for creepiest, 
> need-to-go-take-a-shower-after-reading character in Jones or in other 
> Kids/YA fantasy? Jones tends not to go for sheer horrifying evil, 
> just because it's more interesting to have an evil character exhibit 
> some sympathetic qualities.
> My vote goes to Carmody Bracque [sp?] in Mahy's THE CHANGEOVER: "A 
> Baaaaby!" Brrrrrr...

Olga's pirate father in YOTG, is unredeemably nasty in my view. 
Not in any way a politician though, just one of the nasty growths 
you find under their kind of vegetation, 

Whoever you vote for the government will get back in.

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