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Fri May 25 19:35:15 EDT 2001

I wrote

>  Just had another idea, Widecombe could very well be Duffy, only
> > engaged in a more dangerous business than making nasty pots.
> > They share a fashion sense at any rate!
and Gill replied
> I don't think "fashion" is at all a word to apply to AW.

No, lol, I meant dress sense of course. This reminds me of a rather 
odd RE (religious education) teacher I had. She evidently suffered 
unexplained religious torment (vis her reaction when one of us 
naively said that, as an RE teacher, she was obviously going to 
heaven .........). She dressed in a manner that made you think she 
must have deliberately chosen the ugliest clothes she could find. I 
rather think she vbelieved God wanted her to be uncomfortable. 
Very sad.

> > Now is Peter Mandelson (labour) that student in TYOTG who sells
> > his old essays, or something worse -- Julian in TOG perhaps
> > (though he (Julian)  suggests rather a lot of male politicians to me,
> > mostly of the womanising kind).
> Mandelson, womanising? Interesting thought. But in other ways, yes, Julian
> fits

lol. What I meant was that Mandelson doesn't fit Julian because for 
obvious reasons he (PM) is not a womaniser. Cecil Parkinson
is my Tory nomination for Julian. (btw are we allowed to  name his 
daughter, Flora, on a website?). Anyone got a suggestion from 

> What about Hague? He's starting to look like a Ferengi,

All I can think of is that he must be one of Dillian's minions, or 
Shine's -- quite interchangeable really.

 but that doesn't
> count. Tebbit looked positively vampire-like on TV the other night. Possibly
> the Monagan, just after she's been dug up.

Speechless with lol.

To turn the game around who does Navis remind anyone of? How 
about Al? 

(I've just deleted my comments in support of Gill's opinion of David 
Blunket as being definitely outside the remit of the list) 

Whoever you vote for the government will get back in.

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