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Fri May 25 17:30:24 EDT 2001

Hallie said...

> >Fnih.  I probably missed several of them, and several more I would have
> >deleted unread because I hadn't at the time read the books that people
> >talking about.  So no extra credit for me.
> I really like Fnih as a curse word!  :)

It's not exactly a curse word, more a general expression of irritation.  But
certainly expressive, I find. :-)

> >Ah yes, no. 11.  Ooh, a thought, after your clue.  Could it be the first
> >of Patricia Wrede's "Dragon" series (my copy is called "Dragonsbane", but
> >recall that you have the US editions and they have different titles -
> >recall what the first one is, though)?  If so, it's what Cimorene's
> >keep telling her when she tries to learn interesting things instead of
> >princess lessons.  And when she first meets the dragons, they say it when
> >she says she wants to be a dragon's princess.  And I think her tiresome
> >knight says it too.  And she finally turns the tables on him by making
> >rescue the princess who's been there longest, because "it simply isn't
> >to rescue the newest captive. :-)
> That's it!  And your prize is - a loan of _Bellwether_ and _Dido and Pa_.

Woohooo!  And the rest of PWrede's "Dragon" series?  Pretty please?  (I'll
let you know when I've actually finished all the ones you let me so far...)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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