The Writing's on the Walls (Was: Re: On the subject ofWickedWomen)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri May 25 17:04:26 EDT 2001


>  > And for *extra credit*, you just need to give the list rec/discussion
>>  of each one.  ;)
>Fnih.  I probably missed several of them, and several more I would have
>deleted unread because I hadn't at the time read the books that people were
>talking about.  So no extra credit for me.

I really like Fnih as a curse word!  :)

>  > Only one unguessed - but I won't answer it quite yet.  It's a
>>  recurring statement - much to the main character's annoyance!  (That
>>  should help.)
>Ah yes, no. 11.  Ooh, a thought, after your clue.  Could it be the first one
>of Patricia Wrede's "Dragon" series (my copy is called "Dragonsbane", but I
>recall that you have the US editions and they have different titles - can't
>recall what the first one is, though)?  If so, it's what Cimorene's parents
>keep telling her when she tries to learn interesting things instead of
>princess lessons.  And when she first meets the dragons, they say it when
>she says she wants to be a dragon's princess.  And I think her tiresome
>knight says it too.  And she finally turns the tables on him by making him
>rescue the princess who's been there longest, because "it simply isn't done"
>to rescue the newest captive. :-)

That's it!  And your prize is - a loan of _Bellwether_ and _Dido and Pa_.  :)


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