Slitghly OT; DWJ and "Buffy"

lpuszcz at lpuszcz at
Fri May 25 09:50:29 EDT 2001

I was watching the season finale to "Buffy' and I had a DWJ thought.  I
don't think it wil spoil anything, but since i don't know where the season
is abroad, I'll put in spolier space anyway.




Did Glory remind anyone else of Gwendolyn from "Charmed Life?'I watched
her order her minions around all season and thought about her,
particularly when the point came up that she wanted to get back to her
world, as Gwendolyn wanted to get intoanother world, and didn't care what
she did to achieve her goal.  Anyone else think of this?  Personally, I'm
wondering what the next season will be like, with that ending.



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