More than you ever wanted to know (was Re: answers from Diana)

Irina Rempt ira at
Fri May 25 07:23:58 EDT 2001

On Fri, 25 May 2001, Anna Skarzynska wrote:

> Am I the only person who dislikes lit crit and dissecting literature?

No; there are at least two of us. It took me ten years or more to
start reading mainstream literature again after I graduated from high
school, where people had been doing their best to make me dislike it
intensely by taking it apart until it died.

A notable exception was the French teacher I had in the third and
fourth year, who showed us the *context* of every work we discussed
and never discussed the work itself except as a whole (well, we did
learn about verse forms when doing poetry, but nothing was ever


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