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Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk
Fri May 25 04:02:09 EDT 2001

I haven't marshalled all my thoughts on "maps as fiction", but Jennifer's reply
to Ven triggered a memory...

>>I wonder if something could be done by drawing a number of maps
>>of the same place as drawn by different hands? And at different
> Ooh, fun. I always like looking at maps of "this area through time". (You
> could practically write the history of the Industrial Revolution by detailed
> maps of Manchester or Birmingham)

Among old documents that my parents have relating to their house is a map.  This
map has a number of features which could be used in a "fictional" or even
"narrative" way.

It has a title, something like "proposed route of new road to accommodate
extension to churchyard".

It shows the existing churchyard and the existing road (downgraded to a footpath
since the road was built about 200 years ago).

It shows houses and tracts of land marked with their owners' names (hey!  We've
introduced some characters!).

It shows the proposed route of the new road, and, very faint, but still visible,
the traces where earlier suggested routes have been erased (the map was executed
in coloured pencil or something similar).

I think something of this nature could well contribute to a map as (rather than
ancillary to) fiction.


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