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On Thu, 24 May 2001 21:47:10 +0100, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>But those are all far too easy!  Ok - this is moderately on-topic 
>because I can remember a list recommendation or discussion for at 
>least every author represented here, and for most of the books.  So, 
>before there are too many to copy out - I did say this was work in 

Not too shabby.  13 right, 1 that I mistook for something else, and one that
seems familiar but I can't place it at all.

<spoiler space to show off and avoid paying the bills>

>1.  There were five of us - Carruthers and the new recruit and 
>myself, and Mr. Spivens and the verger.  It was late afternoon on 
>November the fifteenth, ...(I've cut out the rest of that sentence as 
>it makes it a dead give-away!)

_To Say Nothing of the Dog_, of course.  My only disappointment at reading
_Passage_ was that I really, really wanted *this* one again.

>2.  Her mother was enchanted, Peri decided.  Enchanted by the sea.

The incomparable Patricia McKillip--_The Changeling Sea_.  And as long as
I'm glossing my answers, this was the first time I picked up on the second
meaning of Peri as an otherworldly character, thanks to the recent
discussion of ObDWJ for the evening.

>3.  "Why did you decide to work with fads?"
>     "Everybody else was doing it."

More CW.  _Bellwether_ is the greatest!  I can't decide whether I like Flip
best, or the birthday party with all those mothers, or the sheep, or

>4.  "And now I suppose that I shall have to arrange matters with 
>Kaeso.  Jupiter!
>Why did I never realize how peaceful life was before you came!"

This is the one that sounds familiar and I just can't place it.

>5.  Placetne, magistra?  (Answer won't go there until Becca and Cara 
>have read the book!)

_Gaudy Night_.  Connie Willis made me read it.  Not personally.  But you
know what I mean.  I read the whole series in a big swoop three years ago
after my son's birth.
>6.  O where is the queen, and where is she now?
>     Go out by the oak leaf, with never a bough.

_The Perilous Gard_

>8.  I saw something nasty in the woodshed.
>     There'll be no butter in hell!

MMMM....I want to read _Cold Comfort Farm_ again now to take a closer look
at the SF elements that I didn't expect.
>9.  God is in the details!
>     No stone unturned!

_To Say Nothing of the Dog_ again.  One of the best moments is when this
character turns out to be well-rounded after all.

>10. 1. Optimize potential.
>     2. Facilitate empowerment.
>     3. Implement visioning.
>     4. Strategize priorities.
>     5. Augment core structures.

_Bellwether_.  I should frame this for Jacob's office.

>12.  In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men,
>women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real
>small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.

Douglas Adams, but I haven't read the books recently enough to remember
>13.  "I do not understand you."
>      "Then we are on very unequal terms, for I understand you perfectly well."
>      "Me? yes; I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible."

I thought this was Steven Brust, but duh, it's Jane Austen.  _Northanger
Abbey_ is dear to my heart because I was Catherine Morland when I was a

>14.  "Do you ever feel completely itch?"

Hooray for Flip.  I use this expression now sometimes.
>15.  Jade plate,
>      Six, eight.
>      Fire that burns hot,
>      Night that is not.
>      Fire that burns cold,
>      First silver, then gold.

Is it not a crime that Barry Hughart never wrote more than the three books?
And you know what else?  Practically every one of his sentences follows the
format <independent clause>, and <independent clause>.  I'm not kidding.
You'd think that was just awful from the description, and the book just
sings.  (Hee hee, I did it inadvertently)

>16.  "You don't look like any god to me, Christopher Heron!  You look 
>like a piece of gilded ginger-bread, that's what you look like, one 
>of those cakes they sell at a fair!"

_Perilous Gard_

>19.  She traced a line down the side of her wrist with her finger. 
>"Io suicien lui damo amo," she said softly. "You are here in place of 
>the friends I love."

_Doomsday Book_ by CW.  Don't you love how she turned that very creepy motto
into something so moving?

Hallie, you've absolutely got to put "All the bees are ded" somewhere in

Melissa Proffitt
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