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On Thu, 24 May 2001, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> 2.  Her mother was enchanted, Peri decided.  Enchanted by the sea.
The Changeling Sea.  Patricia McKillip.  Faaan-tastic book.

> 3.  "Why did you decide to work with fads?"
>      "Everybody else was doing it."

Bellwether.  The Magnificent CW.

> 4.  "And now I suppose that I shall have to arrange matters with 
> Kaeso.  Jupiter!
> Why did I never realize how peaceful life was before you came!"

Rosemary Sutcliff, almost for sure.  The Eagle of the Ninth, I think.
Aquila's uncle talking.

> 5.  Placetne, magistra?  (Answer won't go there until Becca and Cara 
> have read the book!)

Heh heh.  D.S., of course.  Gaudy Night.

> 10. 1. Optimize potential.
>      2. Facilitate empowerment.
>      3. Implement visioning.
>      4. Strategize priorities.
>      5. Augment core structures.

Bellwether again.

> 17.  As if in sympathy Bran sneezed, and despite the danger, I felt a weird
> impulse to laugh.  If we win, will our colds be in the songs?

Court & Crown Duett.  The two books with the funky covers. You know what I
mean.  With Mel in them.  :)

> 18.  "Whose turn is it to die?" he whispered.
>       He spun the knife.
>       We chanted: "Death Death Death Death..."
>       "There will be a death this day," said Askew.

Kit's Wilderness.  By David Almond.

> 19.  She traced a line down the side of her wrist with her finger. 
> "Io suicien lui damo amo," she said softly. "You are here in place of 
> the friends I love."

CW again.  Sniffle.

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