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> So sorry, it was late, and as you can see from my spelling of
> "greens" I was tired and my head was a shed. It was a misreading,
> not a mixing up (I did vaguely wonder that Gili was writing about
> British politicians).

She may be a polymath, but not so demented as to take an interest in Anne

> > Too true. But Uncle Ralph is a bit too obviously self-centred. Tone is
> > surfaces. Perhaps one of the smug lecturers in TYOTG?
> >
> So sure he knows the cure but just causing more pain?

Absolutely. And relying on other people's ideas without examining them to
see if they fit together or make sense.

> > > I can see a picture of Margaret Thatcher managing her poodles,
> > > sorry cabinet, the way Aunt Maria managed her circle and they
> > > certainly shared as similar lack of a sense of humor. <<
> > Or might she be an older Laurel?
> >
> > How about a  nomination for Anne Widecombe?
> >
> > Kankredin?
> >
> Yes! ouch. But when I discussed this with my mate Ben this
> afternoon, on the pond life theme I said I thought she resembled a
> toad --  which led to the suggestion she is either a struldbug or
> from one of the "elder races".

Possibly an orc, then.......

> Just had another idea, Widecombe could very well be Duffy, only
> engaged in a more dangerous business than making nasty pots.
> They share a fashion sense at any rate!

I don't think "fashion" is at all a word to apply to AW.

> Now is Peter Mandelson (labour) that student in TYOTG who sells
> his old essays, or something worse -- Julian in TOG perhaps
> (though he (Julian)  suggests rather a lot of male politicians to me,
> mostly of the womanising kind).

Mandelson, womanising? Interesting thought. But in other ways, yes, Julian

> And whatever is the name of the Tory chancellor who looks like
> Morton Leroy? Aah Norman Lamont, he certainly has the Leroy
> eyes and was often lampooned as a vampire.

Lamont definitely has poached-egg eyes.

What about Hague? He's starting to look like a Ferengi, but that doesn't
count. Tebbit looked positively vampire-like on TV the other night. Possibly
the Monagan, just after she's been dug up.


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