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>have not heard of the Books of Magic, would someone please enlighten

Sorry. They'd already been metioned in passing since the concept was 
something Neil Gaiman was involved with. (Although I gather he is not writing 
the scripts for the series.)
The Books of Magic is a comic book series put out by D.C Comics under their 
Vertigo lable. It relates the adventures of Timothy Harris, a young (13-14) 
British teenager who is "destined" to be the greatest wizard of this age. If 
he lives that long. The similarity to Harry Potter is more than slight, but 
generally regarded as coincidental insofar as both seem to claim decent from 
the same basic archtype. 

About half to 3/4 of the series has been compiled into 7 collections, so far. 
Large chunks of the original nariative seem to be missing, unfortunately, but 
the continuity has gotten better in the last couple of collections. Connected 
to these are a couple of additional collections called the Books of Faerie, 
which are repectively, Oberon and Titania's tales. These connect to the Books 
of Magic much as the two Death stories connect to the Sandman series.
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