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Wed May 23 20:58:00 EDT 2001

I wrote
> > > Gili said
> Actually, no, *Gill* said it. Sorry about the confusion, but we are not the
> same person! (Or even avatars of each other)

So sorry, it was late, and as you can see from my spelling of 
"greens" I was tired and my head was a shed. It was a misreading, 
not a mixing up (I did vaguely wonder that Gili was writing about 
British politicians). 

> > I think it has to be Uncle Ralph. But nb the name snobbery is now
> > inverted so, instead of Ralph pronounced the "posh way", we have
> > Anthony "democratised to Tony.<<
> Too true. But Uncle Ralph is a bit too obviously self-centred. Tone is all
> surfaces. Perhaps one of the smug lecturers in TYOTG?

So sure he knows the cure but just causing more pain?

> > I can see a picture of Margaret Thatcher managing her poodles,
> > sorry cabinet, the way Aunt Maria managed her circle and they
> > certainly shared as similar lack of a sense of humor. <<
> Or might she be an older Laurel?
> How about a  nomination for Anne Widecombe?
> Kankredin?

Yes! ouch. But when I discussed this with my mate Ben this 
afternoon, on the pond life theme I said I thought she resembled a 
toad --  which led to the suggestion she is either a struldbug or 
from one of the "elder races".

Just had another idea, Widecombe could very well be Duffy, only 
engaged in a more dangerous business than making nasty pots.
They share a fashion sense at any rate!

Now is Peter Mandelson (labour) that student in TYOTG who sells 
his old essays, or something worse -- Julian in TOG perhaps 
(though he (Julian)  suggests rather a lot of male politicians to me, 
mostly of the womanising kind).

> For balance I'll mention a grown up Brid for Betty Boothroyd. For those in
> the US etc Betty Boothroyd is the former speaker frequently heard shouting
> "Order, Order!" and Anne Widecombe is pond life, oops thats not balanced
> at all, I mean she's the shadow home secretary and not well liked.  <<
> I like Brid for Betty.

I could just see her enjoying the dressing up and all the shouting.

 What about Robin Cook? Lots of possibilities in
> Pratchett's "Truckers", of course.

And whatever is the name of the Tory chancellor who looks like 
Morton Leroy? Aah Norman Lamont, he certainly has the Leroy 
eyes and was often lampooned as a vampire.


If all the good people were clever,
And all clever people were good,
The world would be nicer than ever
We thought that it possibly could.

Dame Elizabeth Wordsworth, Good and Clever 1990
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