On the subject of Wicked Women

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed May 23 11:32:27 EDT 2001


>.  Ok, there's a lot more writing on the
>>  walls, but I'll stop with that now.]
>No, don't! This sounds so cool - I really want to know more!

It was surprisingly good fun!  The girls started (of course, they had 
asked permission first), and then when I saw how much fun they were 
having, I joined in too.  But we hadn't thought anything out ahead of 
time - someone would just decide we needed a quote from some book and 
then we'd put whatever we thought of.  (And it's still a work in 
progress - quite a few essential books are out on loans.)  This room 
needs a total overhaul anyway, but I think we may write things from 
books on the wall even after it's finished.

I could post the things we wrote here for the fun of the guessing 
game.  :)  Actually, most of it would probably be pretty easy for 
most list members, as a lot of the books are either bookloves which 
turned out to be shared by many here, or actual recommendations from 
list members!   But there might be a few that'd be slightly obscure...


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