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Tue May 22 20:31:47 EDT 2001

Gili said

> I agree completely, but just can't resist asking which of the Reigners we
> think Bush most resembles? And which DWJ character is Tony Blair. (I know
> he's Gilderoy Lockhart, but that's from Harry Potter!)

I think it has to be Uncle Ralph. But nb the name snobbery is now 
inverted so, instead of Ralph pronounced the "posh way", we have 
Anthony "democratised to Tony.

I can see a picture of Margaret Thatcher managing her poodles, 
sorry cabinet, the way Aunt Maria managed her circle and they 
certainly shared as similar lack of a sense of humor. How about a 
nomination for Anne Widecombe? For balance I'll mention a grown 
up Brid for Betty Boothroyd. For those in the US etc Betty 
Boothroyd is the former speaker frequently heard shouting "Order, 
Order!" and Anne Widecombe is pond life, oops thats not balanced 
at all, I mean she's the shadow home secretary and not well liked.  

If all the good people were clever,
And all clever people were good,
The world would be nicer than ever
We thought that it possibly could.

Dame Elizabeth Wordsworth, Good and Clever 1990
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