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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at Proffitt.com
Tue May 22 15:50:14 EDT 2001

On Tue, 22 May 2001 10:05:28 -0500, Nat Case wrote:

>DId you see SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE? Besides the wonderful high-camp 
>quality to the movie (I suspect the cast had a hoot making it), I 
>like that it revives the darkest of film vampires, the one that 
>really gives me nightmares (the shadow of the hand with the long 
>fingernails... aieee!), the 1922 NOSFERATU.

I'm not sure if its the one I'm thinking of, but I think so.  The one I'm
thinking of stars James Wood (Woods?) as the hero and is based strongly on
the novel _Vampires_ by John Steakley.  The movie is relatively recent and I
really liked that the vampires in it are *evil* and very alien.  _Vampires_
was written in 1990 so it probably predates the whole angsty vampire trend,
but I discovered it last year so I read it as a refreshing change.
Apparently I'm not the only one because whoever directed the movie took it
in that same light.

I've only recently discovered John Steakley and I've been blown away by the
only two books I could find (_Vampires_ and _Armor_--read _Armor_ first).
Very well-done, but pretty hard core action sci-fi.  I don't usually enjoy
hard core action sci-fi, but Steakley layers his work so well, and the
characters are so, um, real that I was just stunned by his novels.  Well,
okay, who am I kidding?  The truth is that he appeals directly to my very
favorite theme of characters who are good and honorable going up against
fantastic odds and hanging on to their honor, doing the right thing, and
paying whatever price they have to because of it.  What can I say?  I'm a
born paladin (or paladin wannabe).

Jacob Proffitt
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