On the subject of Wicked Women

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Tue May 22 11:29:43 EDT 2001

<< Melissa wrote:
>>You know, I rather like Laurel.  She's the bad guy, but she's not evil--just
>>totally alien.  She's cruel, but fair (in both senses).  It hints at a whole
>>realm of Faerie that we never see except in the glimpses of Laurel's life. 

Rather like the Books of Magic view which claims Faerie as a subset of Hell. 
They have taken the traditional elements from the ballad Tam Lin literally 
and postulated that the realm of Faerie is a beautiful "world" which is in 
fact a segment of Hell, and that the Lords of Hell have leased it to the 
Lords of Faerie, and the tiend is a matter of paying the rent. This wasn't 
gone into in The Sandman, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that 
the same concept underlies the concept there, too.

Actually when one takes the view that Laruel (and Leroy as well) are in fact 
the heads of what amounts to an exceptionally rigid and traditional church, 
much of the behaviour which they exhibit falls into place as being only what 
one might expect. As High Priestess, Laurel is entitled to perform miracles, 
she is entitled to shift the rules, above all, she is entitled to claim her 
offering's life -- and no arguements.
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