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> See, I'm not so crazy I think you can justify *anything* by
> making it on topic.  ;)
> although, the more I think about it, the more I think it would be
> cool to have political discussions where the rules were that
> anything you dislike you need to find a parallel in dwj, and
> ditto for anything you like.  But I will fight the temptation
> because it would it us have messy fights, even if they were
> amusing.

I agree completely, but just can't resist asking which of the Reigners we
think Bush most resembles? And which DWJ character is Tony Blair. (I know
he's Gilderoy Lockhart, but that's from Harry Potter!)

> if anyone disagrees, feel free to write back to me (privately, so
> as not to start an on-list argument).  If there is a strong
> desire for on-list politics then we can open it up for general
> discussion.

Definitely no serious on-list politics. Even though we can all see which way
DWJ would vote. (Like us, of course.)


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