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If you want to leave all politics off the list, why have you just declared
Ania (red/green)
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> Dorian,
> Let's leave politics off list, please.  I am a strong conservative and big
> supporter of George Bush (which actually gets me in trouble with fellow
> conservatives).  I tend to be very vocal in other forums and I'm tempted
> take up the challenge here.  I don't want to get into it, though, because
> like the current atmosphere here and I would hate to see that change as
> battle lines are drawn from things external to the books we typically
> discuss.  Unlike food choice or cultural exchanges, this is something that
> could potentially damage friendships I cherish.
> Please, if you want to vent, feel free to send me (or anyone else) private
> mail, but leave it off the list.
> Jacob Proffitt
> On Mon, 21 May 2001 00:17:44 +0100, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
> >Sorry, very OT, but I think it's important.
> >
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> >Subject: energy protest
> >
> >
> >> THURS EVE,  7-10pm worldwide, all time zones
> >>
> >> As an alternative to George W. Bush's energy policies and lack of
> >on efficiency, conservation and alternative fuels, there will be a
> >voluntary rolling blackout on the first day of summer, June 21 at  7pm -
> >10pm in any time zone (this will roll it across the planet).
> >>
> >> Its a simple protest and a symbolic act. Turn out your lights from
> >7pm-10pm  on June 21. Unplug whatever you can unplug in your house.  Take
> >stroll in  the dark, invent ghost stories, anything that's not
electronic -
> >have fun in  the dark.
> >
> >> Read the 1999 book "Natural Capitalism" by Hawken and Lovins to learn
> >conservation/high efficiency technologies already ARE on-the-shelf. If
> >implemented these revolutionary ideas would pay themselves off within 5
> >years, after which we'd be pumping far less greenhouse gas into the
> >atmosphere and saving bucks to boot.
> >> Forward this email as widely as possible, to your government
> >representatives and environmental contacts. Let them know we want global
> >education, participation and funding in conservation, efficiency and
> >alternative fuel efforts -- and an end to over exploitation and misuse of
> >> the earth's resources.
> >>
> >
> >Until the sky falls on our heads...
> >
> >Dorian.
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> >Dorian E. Gray
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> >
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> >breeding."
> >--Queen Marie of Romania
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