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Fri May 18 14:25:22 EDT 2001

Philip asked:
I must admit I occasionally fancy female characters in books.  But not
very often.  I don't know if it's the books I read, but interesting female          
characters are hugely outnumbered by interesting male characters!  Just to
check - do female readers here find the same thing?  If not, my
perceptions may be severly
sexist, which is definitely to be avoided!                                     

Jennifer already gave a very good answer to this, so I'll just add another
thought.  I thini it depends in part on what type of book you tend to read
as well.  I also read a lot of mystery novels, and some of the more
contemporary authors have some very interesting female characters in them.
When i was reading this discussion, i started thinking about Tanya Huff's
_Summon the keeper_, which had, in my opinion anyway, a kind of flip-flop
of the typical male/female characters.  Claire was to me the more
intersting character, while Dean seemed more of a peripheral character. I
enjoyed the book very much, by the way, and ran to the bookstore today to
buy the sequel, _The Second Summoning_.  

Thanks to all who provided info and links about Dounglas Adams' death.   


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