Louise Cooper's The Spiral Dance

Tarja Rainio vierran at saunalahti.fi
Thu May 17 14:03:36 EDT 2001

I finally read this collection and as I know there are probably some people
on this list who'd like to hear about it, here are some comments.

This is a fairly slim book with 5 short stories, a bibliography and an
introduction by DWJ. DWJ's participation in the collection is limited to the
4-page foreword in which she mainly praises Louise Cooper's talents as a
storyteller and for her imagination and the landscapes she has created.

Mostly I liked the stories, one of them I thought merely ok ("The Birthday
Feast"), but all-in-all this was a good collection. The stories were
haunting, atmospheric, occasionally tragic and occasionally scary. They
moved from horror to high fantasy to plain silly (the story I didn't like
that much). I won't go into details here in case someone intends to get the
collection and doesn't want to be spoiled.

I'm glad I bought this collection, especially because I hadn't really read
anything by Louise Cooper before this and now know that I might also like
her other books. BTW, this is one of the reasons I like reading short
stories: you can get acquainted with a new author in the shorter form and
see whether you like his/her work and then move on to his/her longer works.


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