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>Hallie, I'm forever greatful for the information.  And of course 
>thank you to everyone else who gave information (I read Hallie's 
>first)  (Now if you could only tell me what the cover artists were 
>thinking when the drew Laurel with red hair, and a rather 
>non-existent pink dress :)  ) More F&H comments: did anyone notice 
>that Polly's hair is the same color as Laurel's, maybe this goes 
>back to the possibility of Polly being an aspect of Laurel...

:)  I'm quite happy to be able to say I haven't a *clue* what they 
were thinking of when they did that cover!  I think it would be a 
sign of an even more unhinged mind than mine already is.

Just because I completely forgot to mention it at the time, the 
babbling about the aspects of the goddess was based on "The Heroic 
Ideal" - the essay on F&H in The Lion and the Unicorn.  That hasn't 
been mentioned here for a while, IIRC, and a lot of people may have 
joined since the last time.  It is quite a revelation about all the 
influences & references in F&H, IMO.

Anyway, I really like your idea about the hair colour, Rebecca.  And 
doesn't Mary Fields have the same kind of hair too?  Which might be 
reason to try to re-evaluate her a bit.  I tend to get too caught up 
in Polly's feelings to attempt to do her justice.  :)


>Gosh, and all I thought of was Eudora from Bewitched (Samantha's mother or
>aunt.) I thought I was erudite, too.

I hope I didn't give the impression that I *knew* any of that stuff 
about the nymphs!  When I said I couldn't think of what Rebecca was 
talking about, I only meant that I was sitting there thinking "Eudora 
& Mabel - who're they?".

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