Connie Willis's "Passage" - No Spoilers.

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu May 17 07:17:13 EDT 2001

I've just emerged from this book, which arrived at about this time 
yesterday.  First time in years I've done that - just read straight 
through, putting it down only to do things like drain large pots of 
pasta and drive.  (And, though I knew I wasn't going to do it, I kept 
having to tell my brain to forget about sending the impulses to my 
hands to Pick the Book Up every time there was a red light.)

It is an absolutely amazing book.  And anyone who's liked anything 
Connie Willis has written should get their hands on it asap. It's got 
the humour and the mystery puzzling-out of TSNotD, while breaking 
your heart.  And strong bit of (unasked for) advice for those who 
share a weakness for just peeking ahead, or just checking the ending, 
Resist!  I managed, and was incredibly glad I had.

Anyone who's read it and wants to talk off-list, I'd love it.


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