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>>Also, this has perhaps been discussed, but I've only been paying off and
>>attention to the messages (5 AP tests over two weeks.  3 left, tomorrow,
>>Wednesday and Thursday), but the word Hunsdon house seems as though it
>>should mean something, but I've rearranged and added and deleted letters
>>and gotten nowhere with it (pun not intended.)

>This may be of absolutely no relevance or interest, but it turns out 
>there really IS a Hunsdon House. In Hertfordshire.  It was given to 
>one Henry Carey (son of Anne Boleyn's sister) when a Lordship was set 
>up by Elizabeth.  Lord Hunsdon seems to have been the founder of the 
>Lord Chamberlain's Players, no less.
>Oh, and Hunsdon House is also the name of an old English folk dance. 
>Which may be as useful...

Ooh, the dance sounds interesting. I wonder if it's one of the ones where
someone is mock-sacrificed?
All I thought was "this sounds like an English place name". I think -dun
means dwelling place, or farm, or something, and turns up in names fairly
often. I liked someone's suggestion that the "Huns" part might be suggesting
the Wild Hunt.
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