Laurel (the one from F&H)

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>>Also #2, all of the names for Laurel and the old Laurel are recognizable
>>allusions: Laurel (Lorelei), Mab(el), Tatiana, but I'm stuck on one:
>>Eudora.  Someone help me with the allusion (I'll feel really dumb if its
>>obvious, but such is the price I pay for knowledge.)

 > It took me a while to remember what you were talking about, heaven help
me!  All I could 
> find out is that Eudora  was one of the (50, no less) sea-nymph daughters
of Doris and 
> Nereus, aka The Old Man of the Sea.  There were a couple of references
which had a Eudora as 
> another type of Ocean nymph.  Still no specific info about her. 

Gosh, and all I thought of was Eudora from Bewitched (Samantha's mother or
aunt.) I thought I was erudite, too.

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