Neil Gaiman (OT)

Tanaqui tweaver at
Wed May 16 19:28:01 EDT 2001

[Sandman Companion] 

+ Btw, one Tanaqui Weaver is mentioned in passing. I'm pretty sure that it is 
+ the one we know, but she did mention here that someone else on the Net is 
+ using the name, too, so I'm not sure about that.

The one in the Sandman Companion is me, if you strike the adjective.

As far as I know there's no other Tanaqui Weaver (though there was a Tanaqui
who posted in the weaving newsgroups). Tanaqui Meyer, Tanaqui-who-breeds-
horses (Windorf?), tanaqui at [now very quiet], and the Tanaqui who 
writes Buffy slash fiction and lives somewhere near Guildford...

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