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>Hunsdon House (_Fire and Hemlock_)
>Might there be an associative touch of 'Huntlie Bank', the edge of a
>tributary of the Tweed , where True Thomas lies as the Queen of Elfland
>descends on him by way of the Eildon Tree in the first line of the ballad of
>Thomas the Rhymer?
>F&H has debts, acknowledged by DWJ, to both 'Thomas the Rhymer' and 'Tam
>Lin', so I live in hope that this might be on track.

Hun (tlie) + (Eil) don? Maybe.

Bit of weird trivia: while Tam Lin's Carterhaugh has been "located" 
in several places based on local tradition, there are two probably 
pretty accurate markers to the historical Thomas the Rhymer of 
Ercildoune: one is a roadside marker of the site of the Eildon Tree, 
a well-known local landmark, and the other is the ruin of Thomas's 
tower, in Earlston, which has a cafe in front of it. I can send you a 
postcard of said tower if you're really interested...

So it makes sense to have to create a new space for the Seely Court 
if you're going to place them in southern England instead of the 

Have you noticed how the "familiar" spaces of Polly's childhood are 
unnamed and anonymous in geographic terms, while the places where 
they go adventuring is all "real": Bristol, London, Stow (yes I know 
there's no Stow-on-Water, but it's pretty clearly Stow-on-Wold and a 
couple other Cotswold villages thrown together. She seems to swing 
widely through entirely made up places, even in "contemporary" 
Britain, through basically real but agglomerated places (Jamie's home 
city), straight on to real, visitable places like the London of 8 
Days of Luke.

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