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Wed May 16 13:56:10 EDT 2001

--- Paul Andinach <pandinac at>
> On Mon, 14 May 2001, Jenwa Hsung wrote:
> > --- Anna Skarzynska <theania at> wrote:
> > > Neil Gaiman writes all sorts of stuff - novels
> (Stardust and,
> > > with Terry Pratchett, Good Omens), short stories
> and poems
> > > (one collection is Smoke and Mirrors), but he's
> most famous
> > > for his comic book scripts.
> > for the record, there were 75 issues of Sandman,
> which are collected
> > into 10 graphic novels.  plus, 6 issues starring
> Dream's sister
> > Death, collected into 2 shorter graphic novels.
> > they are nothing short of brilliant.
> > the strength of the series is not just the quality
> of the individual
> > issues -- it's the overarching plotline and themes
> and world.
> Which is why you need to know that the correct
> reading order is as
> follows:
> Preludes and Nocturnes
> The Doll's House
> Dream Country
> Season of Mists
> A Game of You
> Fables and Reflections
> Brief Lives
> World's End
> The Kindly Ones
> The Wake
> (There is also an anniversary special wossname
> called _The Dream
> Hunters_, but I don't know where that goes relative
> to the others.)

it doesn't really go in the storyline, sort of like
some of the single-issue-story Sandman's.  it was
written after all the rest, though, so i would tend to
read it last.  it's also not exactly a comic, iirc...
more like an illustrated story, like what Charles Vess
and Gaiman did with Stardust.

> And the Death books, which IIRC come after the
> Sandman books, are
> The High Cost of Living
> The Time of Your Life
> in that order.

i'm not sure i'd say they come afterwards, though,
they do seem to be mostly orthogonal to the main
storyline of Sandman, again sort of like the
single-issue-stories. i think The High Cost of Living
came out originally near the middle [though i am not
very sure], while The Time of Your Life came out
nearish the end.

i believe that The Sandman Companion was written by Hy
Bender.  it's a great read.


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