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Philip said...

> Paul, quoting Emma:
> > Before I start I'll leave a spolier space for LoCC and CL.
> >
> > S
> >
> > P
> >
> > O
> >
> > I
> >
> > L
> >
> > E
> >
> > R
> >
> > S
> >
> >
> >> This may be a question with an obvious answer, but is there a
> >> discrepancy between the number of lives Christopher has at the end
> >> of LoCC (three - he's on his eigth, there's one in the safe and one
> >> in the wall that the Goddess took) and Chrestomanci in CL : "I've
> >> only got two now."
> >
> > The obvious answer (sorry) is that he lost one somewhere between the
> > end of LoCC and the beginning of CL.
> I'd always assumed that he never managed to get back the one that Milly,
> Millie trapped in the wall.

If I recall correctly (and I can't check, because I lent half my DWJ
collection to my brother, who has further lent them to his girlfriend), he
had to leave the one in the wall, because Millie's goddess did really and
truly require a life.  If you remember, Millie runs away with him because
she doesn't want to be sacrificed to make way for the next Living Asheth.  I
seem to recall that when Mother Proudfoot comes after Millie, she says that
normally she lets the girls go and kills a cat or something to satisfy the
sacrifical requirement.  And then either Gabriel de Witt or (probably more
likely) Christopher himself says that she can have the one of Christopher's
lives that is still stuck in the wall.

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