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>Also #2, all of the names for Laurel and the old Laurel are recognizable
>allusions: Laurel (Lorelei), Mab(el), Tatiana, but I'm stuck on one:
>Eudora.  Someone help me with the allusion (I'll feel really dumb if its
>obvious, but such is the price I pay for knowledge.)

It took me a while to remember what you were talking about, heaven 
help me!  All I could find out is that Eudora was one of the (50, no 
less) sea-nymph daughters of Doris and Nereus, aka The Old Man of the 
Sea.  There were a couple of references which had a Eudora as another 
type of Ocean nymph.  Still no specific info about her.

What struck me as really interesting was the placing of the Lorelei 
and Eudora names side by side.  Guardians and destroyers of sailors? 
I wonder if this in any way relates to Polly, and how her name is 
supposed to show that she's many heroic characters, but also aspects 
of the Three-Formed Goddess - "an aspect of Laurel too".  Could there 
be the suggestion that Laurel originally had the two aspects to her 
nature also and destroyed or lost the guarding one?  I'm definitely 
babbling, so I'll shut up now.  Here's the stuff I found:

The Nereides:
The daughters of Doris and Nereus. They are salt-water nymphs who are 
able to prophecy through oracles. Like other nymphs they are depicted 
as beautiful naked women, who live on the sea bottom with their 
father, Nereus. They are the guardians of sailors, with whom they 
occasionally mate. Most writers claim there are fifty of them, but 
their number, and their names, vary according to the writer.


ll. 240-264) And of Nereus and rich-haired Doris, daughter of Ocean 
the perfect river, were born children (11), passing lovely amongst 
goddesses, Ploto, Eucrante, Sao, and Amphitrite, and Eudora, and 
Thetis, Galene and Glauce, Cymothoe, Speo, Thoe and lovely Halie, and 
Pasithea, and Erato, and rosy-armed Eunice, and gracious Melite, and 
Eulimene, and Agaue, Doto, Proto, Pherusa, and Dynamene, and Nisaea, 
and Actaea, and Protomedea, Doris, Panopea, and comely Galatea, and 
lovely Hippothoe, and rosy-armed Hipponoe, and Cymodoce who with 
Cymatolege (12) and Amphitrite easily calms the waves upon the misty 
sea and the blasts of raging winds, and Cymo, and Eione, and 
rich-crowned Alimede, and Glauconome, fond of laughter, and 
Pontoporea, Leagore, Euagore, and Laomedea, and Polynoe, and Autonoe, 
and Lysianassa, and Euarne, lovely of shape and without blemish of 
form, and Psamathe of charming figure and divine Menippe, Neso, 
Eupompe, Themisto, Pronoe, and Nemertes (13) who has the nature of 
her deathless father. These fifty daughters sprang from blameless 
Nereus, skilled in excellent crafts.

(11) Many of the names which follow express various qualities or 
aspects of the sea: thus Galene is `Calm', Cymothoe is the 
`Wave-swift', Pherusa and Dynamene are `She who speeds (ships)' and 
`She who has power'.

This second bit was from Hesiod's Theogony.


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