Laurel (the one from F&H)

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at
Mon May 14 20:29:50 EDT 2001

rereading F&H.  (Finally regained custody for awhile).  One scene reminded
of a scene in SWM (Which I loaned out, along with my entire collection to a
new DWJ junkie, except F&H, of which I am being very possesive right now.)
When Polly follows Laurel into Hunsdon House, Polly thinks Laurel is Nina,
and then realizes that Laurel looks nothing like Nina, and doesn't know how
she made the mistake.  In SWM, blanking on names here, not Mark.  Oh,
Marcus and Zillah mistake Lady Marceny for Amanda, and then realize she
looks nothing like Amanda.
Also, this has perhaps been discussed, but I've only been paying off and on
attention to the messages (5 AP tests over two weeks.  3 left, tomorrow,
Wednesday and Thursday), but the word Hunsdon house seems as though it
should mean something, but I've rearranged and added and deleted letters
and gotten nowhere with it (pun not intended.)
Also #2, all of the names for Laurel and the old Laurel are recognizable
allusions: Laurel (Lorelei), Mab(el), Tatiana, but I'm stuck on one:
Eudora.  Someone help me with the allusion (I'll feel really dumb if its
obvious, but such is the price I pay for knowledge.)
Speaking of which:

-When one invests in knowledge, one always gets interest (Benjamin Franklin)

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