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Nat Case ncase at
Mon May 14 17:13:41 EDT 2001

>and I agree with what Hallie said but I wanted to add: Chill, Nat, I
>was only playing and how serious is that?

Sorry Ven, I was mostly replying to Laurel and indirectly to Neil a 
while back on synchronicity... and to myself a few years ago.

Of course, playing CAN be serious, and I think that's part of my 
point; the line that gets crossed when play turns into earnest is in 
social terms a dangerous one, but makes for interesting discussion. 
Play that isn't at some level in earnest is just trivia, but I think 
most of the play I enjoy is simultaneously safe and in dead earnest 
(certainly a lot of "let's pretend" like Fiona and Polly's at the 
beginning of F&H has meaning to the kids involved).

Fiction and play are similar in this regard... it feels like there's 
probably a deep connection in there somewhere. Interesting idea to 
parallel the kind of fantasy writing I was talking about to games: 
are there any games in which what is being "played at" is itself 
about games: rules-making, push-pull dynamics, competitive vs 
cooperative play, etc.

Hmmm. more food for thought.

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