Neil Gaiman (OT) (was Margaret Mahy)

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Mon May 14 15:27:55 EDT 2001

> Can anyone comment on Neil Gaiman's books?  I've heard that he's good and
> gets name-checked by many rated fantasy authors, but I haven't looked into
> his work at all.  I noticed that Hexwood is dedicated to him.

Neil Gaiman writes all sorts of stuff - novels (Stardust and, with Terry
Pratchett, Good Omens), short stories and poems (one collection is Smoke and
Mirrors), but he's most famous for his comic book scripts. I fell into
reading comics via good old 2000 AD - a British comic - then Marvel comics -
a friend used to collect X men etc. - and then I came across the more adult
DC stuff. Which includes NG's work. I was deeply impressed. This was not
kids' stuff any more. Comics have come of age, I thought. And my absolute
favourite was of course Sandman. Do yourself a favour and read it! It ran to
some sixty issues and then finished. I would recommend investigating the DC
Vertigo universe as a matter of urgency. It is truly inspiring.
NG himself is also responsible for creating several other DC Vertigo titles:
Black Orchid, The Books of Magic, The Dreaming. Possibly more, I cannot
remember. Hellblazer intersects with some of the above and so does Swamp
Thing, but neither is scripted by NG.
Preacher is not set in the same universe as the above and is not written by
Gaiman, but it's also DC Vertigo and possibly even (dare I say it) better
than Sandman. But I don't know. It's too difficult to choose...
Anyway, I rate NG's comics higher than his other work. The best place to
start is Sandman, I think.Collected editions are available.


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