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Mon May 14 15:08:40 EDT 2001

Meliissa wrote:
Anyway, I will keep watching ABE.  I get notices occasionally for some of   
the rarer stuff on my list, and I need to just filter out those Book
Rescue  people.  Apparently rescuing books means encasing them in gold
leaf with diamond clasps.

LOL! Back when I was a newbie to online bookstores, I made the egregious
error of buying a book I desperately wanted from those people, and I've
been kicking myself ever since, as I realized how outrageous the prices
are.  I get an email update every now and then of their new inventory and
I read it, just to marvel at what they think people will pay.  I think,
Melissa, that you just pointed ouw what bothers me the most about that
place: the name.  "Book Rescue" brings to mind "Animal Shelters," which
rescue and care for abandoned animals, and that bookstore does not have
such a charitable aim. Not that it has to, I suppose, but the prices are
just so incredible.                                                              
Gili wrote, quoting Rebecca:
(The mysterious disappearance of
>Leon, I mean Noel, which was out of print hear, at last the last couple
>times I checked.   If anyone wants it, I'll be more than happy to give it
>to some one.  It's quite good, one of my favorite kids' books.)

Is that the one with the Pomado soup and the purple flowered bathing suit?
If so, I read it at a friends house long ago.
Did anyone else who read it think that "Holes" is a bit like it?

It is. I haven't read "Holes," so I can't comment on that, but tying it in
to my above comment, Ellen Raskin's books (besides _The Westing Game_,
which is always in print), have outrageous prices on the Net.  I am
looking for a decent copy of _The Tattooed Potato & Other Clues_, which is
a book I really liked, and the cheapest is $50 for a paperback.  Yikes.
Weirdly enough, it is in print  in Spanish, but not in English, so I'll
have a copy of it soon.

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