Margaret Mahy (OT)

Neil Ward neilward at
Mon May 14 09:40:25 EDT 2001

Philip said:

> I'm afraid I don't put Mahy in the same league as Jones at all.  At the
> I finally got around to reading The Changeover; I enjoyed it well enough,
but I
> got a strong feeling of What's all the fuss about?

Hmmm - obviously some mixed feelings on this book.  I was just thinking that
I should check out Margaret Mahy, but now I'm not so sure that's the one to
start with.

I first heard of Mahy, indirectly, through Harry Potter (ahem: as usual, I
manage to bring Harry Potter into these discussions).  One of the major
Harry Potter fanfics - The Paradigm of Uncertainty, by Lori Summers -
features a character called Laura Chant, who is lifted, back story and all,
from The Changeover.  I recall asking Lori if she was a DWJ fan when I saw
the name Chant, and she said that Laura was based on the Margaret Mahy
character.  At the time, my interest was fired, but I forgot to check out
the book.

Back to DWJ, I finished Archer's Goon recently and I'm now reading Eight
Days of Luke.  At the moment, I can't get enough DWJ, so I'm just finishing
one and picking up the next.  I don't know what I'll do when I run out...
start on Margaret Mahy, perhaps?

Can anyone comment on Neil Gaiman's books?  I've heard that he's good and he
gets name-checked by many rated fantasy authors, but I haven't looked into
his work at all.  I noticed that Hexwood is dedicated to him.


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