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><<  Is everything by Mahy as good, and what would people recomend I
>  read next by her? >>
>I love Mahy's work as well.   I would definitely put her in the same league
>as Jones.  Someone else may suggest a certain order, but the 1st title that
>jumps to my mind is "Catalogue of the Universe."

Don't know if you've any interest in an opinion from someone whose 
league ratings don't rank Mahy as highly as DWJ, but in case you 
have...  :)

I really liked _Changeover_ a lot more than Catalogue of the 
Universe.  I read them in that order too and was quite disappointed. 
Mostly I think it was because I didn't have much time for the main 
female character at all (can't remember the name now).

This is with the standard disclaimer about the "league ratings" only 
being my 100% subjective opinion!


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