A Very Deep Secret

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri May 11 04:52:36 EDT 2001

+ but I was there later too, and there's a tale 
+ of bad driving -- a sort of travel jinx tale.

I think it's more an emulation of Maree's driving behaviour. Don't forget that
Our Heroine was driving without having a licence (aka practicing beforehand
to spoil Janine's fun).

My younger sister used to park me in the passenger seat for faux legitimacy
as she drove around with L plates (we didn't commit the further naughtiness
of using the motorway - which is barred to learners, for those outside the UK).
I still don't have a driving licence, although I do have an Amateur Pilot's
(Unpowered) Licence. I almost bought my own hanglider in February, but I tend
not to do maintenance on my bicycle until something starts to go wrong, and
that sort of slackness with a hanglider could kill me in so many ways (you
can't just pop over to the pedestrian bit for some machine-fixing).

+ Four friends and I wanted to go to Bristol for an anarcho feminist 

+ sillier than reading while driving 

Yeah, Jacob's exploits seemed quite reasonable... we anarchic women are
*much* more trouble.

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