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Thu May 10 18:23:39 EDT 2001

> >"So, Diana," I want to ask "Are you a Magid then?" And I think I
> >just might, can't wait for the answer to that one.
> Nice one, Ven!  In fact it was occurring to me a while ago that the 
> list was acting to move this world ayewards.  All the exchanges of 
> books around the continent, and book recommendations, and questions 
> about the best way to get other people hooked onto DWJ.  "Subtle 
> influence" is about right, I guess.
> >

Moving ayewards, that's the term! Glad you liked the idea.

  the Bristol Suspension bridge -- a
> >ribbon of road hung from cliff to cliff between two quasi -Egyptian
> >towers. It sounds very much like the road to Babylon to me -- in the
> >first place the narrow road and in the second the hanging gardens
> >bit, with the vegetation slung from towers. Clearly the bridge is an
> >important part of Bristolia and if one bit of disguised Bristolia turns
> >up there ought to be more, anyone else spotted any?
> I like the idea of the bridge being the road to Babylon!  Never 
> noticed that and probably never would have.
> >The significance of the bridge makes me wonder if Dwj shares my
> >not-quite-phobic unease about them. I have sinister dreams about
> >bridges that sway alarmingly or suddenly turn out to have broken in
> >two. dangerous things bridges <g>.
> Are there bush ladies on the other end, telling you to be more ladylike???

I have to admit these dreams do sometimes involve my mother 
............ though its my father who thinks being ladylike is such a 
good idea (shudder, I didn't bite my nails all this time to become a 

> I hate bridges too - there was a suspension bridge (pedestrian-
> in Ithaca and I went on it once when my mother was visiting and 
> nearly died of fright

They put a horrible temporary bridge up ast the bus station here, it 
had a sort of bouncy spongy feeling underfoot, most disconcerting. 

> >                              DIRTY GREAT BIG SPOILER
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >Another question I have is that I never quite figured why Rupert had
> >such a low opinion of Nick. He is quite convinced that if Maree
> >doesn't ask for her restoration herself Nick won't do it. As a reader I
> >wasn't surprised that Nick did do the decent thing   -- he was very
> >fond of Maree and as he said there were other ways to get what he
> >wanted.     It certainly adds to the suspense of Rupert's night
> >watch on the candle road but there shoulfd be more of a reason
> >than that.
> It's not just Rupert either - I checked just now, and it's both 
> Rupert and Will. Even Zinka when she finds the slave spell in Nick's 
> room describes him as a "selfish kid".  I agree that this is 
> puzzling.  When I was looking through it just now, the description of 
> Nick as ruthless jumped together with Rupert's realising that 
> everything felt Intended, as he thinks of "those ruthless bastards in 
> the Upper Room".  But then Maree and Rupert and Stan seem to lack 
> that, so it can't be a required Magid trait.
It has the feel of something "intended" but I just can't figure out 
why. Stan is the only magid unaffected by the "don't trust him" 
field, but then he's dead. i don't think it can be Janine's doing 
because it would be a poor traiit for an emperor -- making the 
traditional dagger in the back even more likely. The most likely 
explanation seems to be that Nick has magid potential, and it 
would seem an initial repulsion is traditional between magids and 
their successors -- viz Stan and all three V
Venables brothers and Rupert and Maree of course. However I'm 
not even sure why it should work that way nor why it takes the form 
it does in relation to Nick.


As Jodel says Nick is fundamentlaly decent and selfishness is not 
neccessarily a bad thing. Nick basically practuises what a friend of 
mine calls enlightened self interest -- he wouldn't do anything really 
bad because he knows it would make him feel bad. he likes maree 
and he can get what he wants by other means in any case so, of 
course, he elects to save her.

Oh, btw, I think Rupert is a bit of alright too -- even if he is a prat.


If all the good people were clever,
And all clever people were good,
The world would be nicer than ever
We thought that it possibly could.

Dame Elizabeth Wordsworth, Good and Clever 1990
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